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A toast to artisan bread

A table without bread is not a table, but bread is a table on its own.- Scottish Gaelic Proverb

With our master class on European Breads coming up next month, we thought it apt to chat up our in-house chefs and bread enthusiasts about their favourite breads, and here’s what they had to say:

Chef Avin Thaliath


My favourite bread is the baguette.


The baguette is very close to my heart for more reasons than one. It has everything- a great history, beautiful textures, and the most wonderful aroma that takes me right back to student life in Paris, to memories of my chef, and La Vatel. It is a beautiful combination of textures from the dark brown crusty exterior, to the wonderful ivory chewy centre, with large irregular holes. Nothing as spectacular as buying a baguette fresh from the boulangerie, yanking off a chunk and eating it. Pure joy!


Chef Vinesh Johny


For someone who is enamoured most by French breads, the brioche has to be my favourite.



Its rich, tender crumb and its light and puffy, dark golden appearance are reason enough to succumb to its seduction! That apart, I love the brioche for its versatility in terms of its flavours, and how it is a platform for innovation. One can add loads of flavours to the base dough. Brioche is complex in terms of the procedure, as well as its use. It can be used in savoury treats, desserts, or as a viennoiserie.


Chef Manooshi Chandy


My favourite is, undoubtedly Ciabatta.



Dark in hue, oddly shaped, with its wonderfully acidic smell. Rustic and light with a beautiful crust, and a chewy interior that’s riddled with large uneven holes. As a bread enthusiast, these are all the makings of a good bread!


Chef Sachin


My favourite bread is Focaccia because it’s light, thin, and flat with a porous texture.



It’s great for soaking up a lot of olive oil and other fillings. It’s a great bread to try different toppings with. And it’s simply delicious!


Chef Thejus


My favourite bread is Pumpernickel Brot because it has the most character to it amongst all other breads.

black-bread-74312_640Traditionally is made with old bread, soaked rye and molasses, slow kneaded and fermented for a minimum duration of 4 hours before being shaped and baked. The flavourful, dark bread has a distinctive sour taste and a dense texture. It is best eaten warm with a generous slather of unsalted butter.

Pumpernickel Brot-Image Courtesy-pixabay.com