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A whole lotta mush!

February is long gone but if you’re in a relationship with dessert, there’s no bad time to churn up something as mushy as Chef Vinesh Johny’s Passionate St Valentin.


With love being his prime inspiration for this dessert, it is easily one of those treats you can win over your special someone with. And the rains in Bangalore have surely set the perfect mood and ambience. So get cracking on this already!


Passionate St Valentin



Mascarpone Cream Mousse

Egg yolks – 180 ml

Water – 150 ml

Sugar – 240 gm

Sheet Gelatine – 7 gm

Mascarpone – 630 gm

Whipped Cream – 480 gm

Vanilla Bean – 2 nos


Prepare a bombe mixture by whipping the egg yolks and water together in a large bowl, then add the sugar and the vanilla seeds and place the bowl over a bain marie and whisk constantly till it reaches 74 degree Celsius.

Remove the bowl from heat and add the softened gelatine sheets.

Mix till it cools down and mix in the softened mascarpone and fold in the whipped cream.

Pour the mixture into rectangular silicon moulds.


Strawberry Coulis

Fresh Strawberry – 500 gm

Sugar – 240 gm

Water – 45 ml

Lime Juice – 15 ml


Heat the sugar and the water till the sugar completely dissolves. Continue to cook the syrup for 5 minutes on low heat and add in the lime juice. Then allow it to cool.

Blend the strawberry and the syrup to a smooth paste.

Strain the Mixture. Allow it to cool.


Strawberry Sponge

Egg White – 120 gm

Egg yolk – 80 gm

Sugar 80 gm

Strawberry Powder – 20 gm

Vanilla essence – 5 gm

Flour – 25 gm


In a measuring jar, add all the ingredients and blend well using a stick blender.

Strain and pour the mixture into a siphon gun.

Place the siphon gun with the mixture in the fridge for 4 hours.

Charge the siphon with two charges and shake it well.

Force the mixture into a disposable plastic cup half way through. Ensure the cup has slits at the bottom and microwave the sponge for 40 seconds. Turn it upside down and allow it to cool.


Almond Crumble

Flour – 42 gm

Almond Meal – 54 gm

Brown Sugar – 34 gm

Grain Sugar – 22 gm

Butter – 70 gm


Add all ingredients on a large tray and cut the butter into the other dry ingredients until the fat is well distributed and a crumble has formed.

Bake at 170 degree until golden brown.


Coffee Jelly

Water – 100 ml

Coffee powder – 5 gm

Sugar – 20 gm

Gelatine – 4 gm

Rum – 10 ml


Heat the water and the sugar. Once the sugar dissolves, add the instant coffee powder and the soaked gelatine sheet. Finally add rum and allow it to cool. Refrigerate the mix.


Cocoa Butter Spray

White Chocolate – 500 gm

Pink Candy Colour – few drops

Cocoa Butter – 500 gm


Melt the chocolate in a microwave to 45 degrees Celsius. Melt the cocoa butter and mix it into the white chocolate and add in the colour. Mix well and fine strain.


Final Assembly

Spray the Mascarpone Cream Mousse with pink cocoa butter spray on the top.

Place it on the centre of the plate and spoon in some crumble and arrange the sponge.

Pipe the sauce and jelly at random and garnish it with fondant flowers and red currants.