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Five Weeks Eggless Program

The 5 Weeks Program in Eggless Baking is an intensive course designed for bakers who want to perfect the art of egg-free baking. With a strong focus on ingredients and techniques that are integral to this art, students will learn how various elements work together to create high quality products. Through intensive theory classes and hands-on training, this course is multifaceted and certified by Lavonne Academy’s Assured Status, which grants industry-recognised certification through City & Guilds (London).

We are currently accepting applications for June 2024.

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The science of Eggless

While learning our hand-picked eggless recipes, students also understand the function egg plays in baking and pastry, and how a professional can scientifically approach egg replacements using different types of proteins.

A focus on theory

Theory lessons are comprehensive and form an integral part of our five-week eggless programme. Students are assessed at the end of each day, which culminates with a high tea at the end of the programme. Regular internal assessment projects ensure students always are up to speed.

business-ready recipes

This eggless course is structured to give our students exposure to the full spectrum of eggless baking and pastry, but with focus on delicious practical product categories that translate perfectly to small businesses.

Access to the best

Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment and technology. Spacious individual work stations are provided for complete hands-on learning. Loaded with high-end equipment - from refrigerators and ovens to baking tools and cutlery, all you need to focus on is the best training in the country.

The Heart of New Delhi

Home to a worldwide variety of food

The capital city, Delhi is a culinary haven, the perfect setting for aspiring bakers to begin their journey. Located in a prominent part of the city, Lavonne Delhi is easy to find and in the heart of a posh neighbourhood - Lajpat Nagar. The area's vibrant nightlife, cosmopolitan atmosphere and highly-evolved food culture, make it a great place to hang out. With its rich culinary tapestry and a thriving baking community, we are thrilled to be here!

The best chef instructors

Lavonne is home to the best chefs and certified educators who've studied and worked at top institutions in the global F&B industry. Each year Lavonne also hosts leading international chefs, constantly increasing the knowledge and community available to our students.

Core Modules

The 5 Weeks Program in Eggless Baking is designed specifically to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world of egg-free baking - an essential subject, often ignored. Join the program and master this vital side of baking and pastry art today!

Core Modules details

  • Basics in Bread
    Jams, Jelly’s, Butters & Spreads
    Cookies, Biscuits & Bars
    Travel Cakes, Cupcakes & Sponges
  • Macaron & Meringues
    Cheesecake & Baked Desserts
    Laminated Pastries
    Savoury Bakes
    Chocolate & Confectionery
    Layered Cakes & Gateaux
  • International Bread
    Enriched Bread
    Desserts on the Go
    Tarts & Pies
    Petit Gateaux & Entremet
    High Tea & Assessment