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Eight Weeks Associate Program

The Associate Program in Baking Science, Pastry Arts & Entrepreneurship is an extensive 370-hour course across 8 weeks that combines practical and theoretical learning, with 4 weeks spent in the classroom and 4 weeks of hands-on training in the practice lab. This course is tailor-made to equip students with the skills required not just behind the scenes but also for entrepreneurship. Students will graduate proficient in creativity, production, service, budgeting, marketing and business. This comprehensive course is also certified by Lavonne Academy’s Assured Status, which grants industry-recognised certification through City & Guilds (London).


We are currently accepting applications for May 2024.

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Intensive Training

​​The course will be held Monday through Friday and the syllabus will cover everything from International Breads, Macaroons, Tea Cakes, Choux Pastry and Petit Gateau to Decorative Cakes, Chocolate ganashes, Classic Cakes and fondant among a range of other subjects.

A focus on theory

Theory lessons are intensive, detailed and an integral part of this eight week programme. Students undergo competency mapping and have regular assessment projects to identify their learning needs and improve performance.

Regular Assessment

At Lavonne, learning is but a means to a significant end. Regular assessments take place in the form of projects, record book journaling, and assignments, scrutinised and graded by our in-house chef-instructors.

Hands-on Training

At Lavonne, we focus equally on practical skills as theoretical knowledge if not more! A practical exam will help students assess where they stand in terms of techniques and methods, understanding how the skills taught can be applied in the culinary world.

Practice School

‘Lavonne Practice School’ is to introduce to our students the first hand feel of being an entrepreneur. At Lavonne, we are creating a practise school, which is a training lab to bake and practise entrepreneurship. From detailed modules on production and service, to sales, customer delight and running a business - students are equipped with the skills required to set up a successful pastry business.

The Heart of New Delhi

Home to a worldwide variety of food

The capital city, Delhi is a culinary haven, the perfect setting for aspiring bakers to begin their journey. Located in a prominent part of the city, Lavonne Delhi is easy to find and in the heart of a posh neighbourhood - Lajpat Nagar. The area's vibrant nightlife, cosmopolitan atmosphere and highly-evolved food culture, make it a great place to hang out. With its rich culinary tapestry and a thriving baking community, we are thrilled to be here!

The best chef instructors

Lavonne is home to certified professional educators from renowned F&B institutions world over. Additionally, leading international chefs are frequently hosted here, ensuring world-class education and exposure for our students.

Core Modules

Lavonne’s Associate Program in Baking Science, Pastry Arts & Entrepreneurship is designed to help students excel in pastry art and channel that skill to build a successful business in just 8 weeks!

Core Modules details

  • Entrepreneurship & Practice School
    Basics in Bread
    Enriched Breads
    International Breads
    Baked Desserts & Cheesecakes
  • Meringues & Macarons
    Cookies & Muffins
    Teacakes & Cupcakes
    Choux Pastry & Shortcrust Pastry
    Puffs, Croissant and Danishes
    Chocolate & Confectionery
  • Chocolate Garnish & Icings
    Petit Gateau & Sweet Paste
    Classic Layered Cake
    Sugar Paste & Decorative Cakes
    Customer Delight