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Eight Weeks Associate Program

A comprehensive course in pastry art and entrepreneurship

Lavonne’s Associate Program in Baking Science, Pastry Arts & Entrepreneurship is designed to help students excel in pastry art and channel that skill to build a successful business. This course delves deep into a wide range of essential pastry concepts, substantiates it with practical training and finishes it off with transforming your talent into your own venture. The 8 week program is an intense course hyper-focused on baking, pastry and of course, entrepreneurship. This comprehensive course is also certified by Lavonne Academy’s Assured Status, which grants industry-recognised certification through City & Guilds (London).

Lavonne prides itself on balancing practical hands-on training, with in-depth theory, so students understand why, rather than just how.

Entrepreneurship & Practice School

Lavonne’s practice school is aimed to provide our students with the first hand feel of being an entrepreneur. The nuances of entrepreneurship are practised; not taught, which is why we have created a practical training lab to create, bake and practise entrepreneurship. From working in different roles of a patisserie to purchase and management software - we cover it all.

Basics in Bread

This module aims to equip students with the knowledge, understanding, and hands-on skills to prepare, cook, and bake a variety of basic bread products. Students will be introduced to the ingredients used in bread making, the dough-making process, and common kitchen practices. From soft rolls to steamed baos with fillings, this is the first and possibly the most fundamental module of the program.

Enriched Breads

Is there any better comfort food than warm, delicious bread? And when it’s infused with flavours and baked to perfection, a few things compare! In this module students learn how to work with highly enriched doughs such as brioche, donuts, berliners, koeksisters, babka, and more. Learn the techniques of making, shaping, proofing, baking/frying and garnishing these breads, as well as the traditional accompaniments to go with them, such as classic stirred custards, fillings, pastry creams and fresh jams.

International Breads

Channel your inner artisan baker with this module. This section equips you with the knowledge, understanding, and hands-on skills to prepare, bake, and finish a diverse range of international breads. Perfect the art of pre-ferments, high-hydration doughs, and create a wide range from rustic baguettes to dangerously thin lavashes. Global bread-making traditions and modern finishing techniques are also covered in this module. From mastering focaccia to rolling pizzas, this module is one for the books, literally.

Baked Desserts & Cheesecakes

Learn the secrets behind the most delicious baked desserts and cheesecakes in this module. From the classic creme caramel to an eggless cheesecake and garnishes like brandy snaps - master not just the cooking skills but also brilliant finishing techniques that make baked desserts so highly coveted world over.

Meringues & Macarons

Students will study the art of delicate desserts in this module on meringues and macarons. A section spanning everything from baking and pipping to finishing and garnishing, students will learn to craft masterpieces. Right from the airy Pavlova to sophisticated French Macaroons. Pastry cream, ganaches and delectable fillings add the much-needed element of flavour to this part of the course.

Cookies & Muffins

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? This module will introduce students to this nostalgic childhood treat. Covering both cookies and muffin, students will master the secrets of making the best cookie dough and muffin batter to begin with. Learn to work with ingredients, textures and flavours like never before. Students will cover salt cookies, biscotti, double chocolate chip cookies and a variety of muffins among other delights.

Teacakes & Cupcakes

This detailed topic is brimming with recipes, from delicate tea cakes to playful cupcakes. Students will learn everything from cake-making methods to fascinating cupcake decorations. Flex your artistic muscles with the section on piping designs and techniques. An introduction to eggless cakes and sponge batters are central to this module. Some of the pastries you will learn here include the orange chiffon cake, Victorian sandwich, red velvet cupcakes and more.

Choux Pastry & Shortcrust Pastry

This class covers choux pastry, shortcrust pastry and the different desserts made from it, such as profiterole, eclair, Paris-Brest and a whole range of tarts. Students will also learn hand sheeting for tarts and quiches, how to make compotes and gain an introduction to savoury fillings, like royal custard, béchamel sauce, pesto sauce among others.

Puffs, Croissant and Danishes

A section dedicated to three technical, yet fun pastry styles, learn hands-on lamination technique with dough-making and butter slab, and the variations in shaping and baking puff pastry, croissants and danish-style viennoiseries, including Pithivier, almond, butter, pistachio croissants & pain au chocolat. Detailed theory and practical lessons cover the traditional and modern techniques, understanding the folds of a croissant and how correct proofing and lamination helps to achieve that perfect honey-comb structure.

Chocolate & Confectionery

All things chocolate and sugar, this module calls for a balance of scientific knowledge and artistic skill. We’ll cover a deep introduction to chocolate, theory around bean-to-bar, explanation of chocolate making and tempering, making perfectly shiny bonbons and delicious fillings, technique of enrobing truffles and more. While working with sugar, our students get an understanding of confectionery techniques and a wide range of products from marshmallows to pate fruit, nougat, truffles, dragées, vanilla caramel mou and more.

Chocolate Garnish & Icings

The magic of a finishing touch is what this module is about. Learn how to make creative garnishes that can help amplify the look of any dessert. This part of the course covers chocolate tempering, brushing, scraping and other techniques to craft aesthetic and delicate garnishes. From simple discs and tiles to feathers, stamps and cigars, a module that is an extremely artistic one with detailed demonstrations and practice sessions to foster creative thinking and innovation.

Petit Gateau & Sweet Paste

Students will be introduced to petit gâteaux (small cakes) and sweet paste via a range of techniques. These little desserts are perfect for a shop display, the presentation of which is taught in detail too. Flavour and texture pairing, understanding sweet paste, assembling and mastering skilled finishing techniques for hot favourites like the classic opera and Tiramisu, which are the highlights of this module.

Classic Layered Cake

Often the start of any baker's story, the classic layered cake is what this module is all about. Learn how to bake, garnish and finish layered cakes with important recipes like the genoise sponge to lemon curds and frostings. Slicing techniques, large scale production, delicate techniques using ganaches, confit and compotes are also covered in this module. Students will eventually be equipped to bake a wide variety of cakes in different styles!

Sugar Paste & Decorative Cakes

The aim of this module is to teach students how to work with decorative cakes and create masterpieces. Custom cake-making from intricate tiered structures and fondant figurines to original themes and unique colour palettes – is central to this module. The latest trends in the world of cake art are a huge focus in this module. Students will learn to use their eye for detail, design and presentation to craft the most stunning, unique novelty cakes.

Customer Delight

This essential module customer delight focusses on soft skills and going that extra mile. From the right body language to excellent communication, students will learn to deliver products and services that truly go beyond. Decode the nuances of communication to build a lasting relationship and learn to add that personal touch to every creation. Topics like empathy and professionalism, creating memorable moments and adding distinctive touches to special orders are a part of this module.