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Five Weeks Eggless Program

An immersive eggless baking and pastry course

This intensive 5-week course is designed specifically to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world of egg-free baking. Students will study the science behind egg substitutes, exploring their unique properties and how they function in pastries and baked goods. Through a mix of hands-on classes and engaging theory sessions, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of ingredient substitutions, techniques, and achieving high-quality products every single time.

Lavonne prides itself on balancing practical hands-on training, with in-depth theory, so students understand why, rather than just how.

Basics in Bread

Explore the secrets of eggless bread. Learn about yeast, gluten and the science behind each ingredient and understand their interaction. Master shaping techniques for diverse breads like soft rolls, bao, baguettes and ciabattas. An in depth session on proofing and working with high-hydrated lean doughs will equip students with a strong foundation in bread-making. From fougasse to lavash and burger buns to the much-loved whole wheat loaf, this module is the perfect place to start!

Jams, Jelly’s, Butters & Spreads

This module is all about the delicious things in life. From artisanal marmalades to silky caramel sauce and rich nut butters to zesty compotes, condiments used in bakery and pastry are at the heart of this module. Understand ingredient roles, the science of temperature and various setting techniques. Explore the science of flavour and master the key aspects of storage, which is just the finishing touch this module needs.

Cookies, Biscuits & Bars

From the irresistible double chocolate chip cookie to power-packed protein bars. This module teaches you to craft an array of delectable cookies, biscuits and bars. Explore the science behind each ingredient and how they shape the unique textures and flavors. Think banana oatmeal cookies, blondies and peanut chocolate bars among others. The range of this module spans from rustic to gourmet styles, ensuring your takeaway is as wholesome as the nutrition bars!

Travel Cakes, Cupcakes & Sponges

Learn about egg-free and vegan alternatives to craft the softest sponges, equipping you with the skills to create airy cakes and cupcakes. Explore various techniques, from classic whisking to innovative folding and understand the unique role of egg-free ingredients. Red velvet cupcakes, pineapple upside-downs and blueberry cream cheese muffins are just the tip of this indulgent iceberg. Finally, learn about frostings, piping and garnishing to up your game.

Macaron & Meringues

Explore the world of macarons and meringues in this module. Learn about textures and the techniques for whipping up stiff meringues, and discover classic variations like elegant Pavlovas and Baked Alaska and Eton Mess. An important topic - troubleshooting common macaron challenges is integral to this module and the art. A topic that is ideal for house parties and vital for cafes, this is surely one for the books.

Cheesecake & Baked Desserts

Few things are as indulgent as a warm lava cake or a classic creme brulee that is the best way to end a meal. Master the skills to bake the creamiest egg-free cheesecakes, and most delicious cobblers. This module will also equip you with techniques to make filo pastry to ace your baklava game. Practice creative plating of desserts and learn how to innovate interesting presentation concepts!

Laminated Pastries

Conquer lamination techniques with this module and use it to make airy dough for pastries like pithivier croissants, pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolls and more. Explore puff pastry versatility, shaping and baking - from palmiers and vol au vents to galette des rois. Decode viennoiserie, master croissant making and learn 10 delectable variations you can conjure from laminated dough. Study the art of filling, shaping and garnishing, plus understand the magic of flavour combinations. The layers in this module are worth diving into, literally!

Savoury Bakes

An interesting relief from everything sweet, this module on savory bakes will introduce you to shortcrust pastries that are hand rolled and not sweet. Go on to master pies and tarts, with delectable bases and fillings to match. You will also touch on sheeting and lining. From quiches to tarts and savoury muffins this module includes cult favorites like the roasted potato tart and ricotta quiche.

Chocolate & Confectionery

Get lost in the rich world of egg-free chocolate! Master the art of couverture, exploring cocoa butter and the art of tempering. This module goes deep into the 'bean-to-bar' process. Learn to make shiny bonbons, enrobed truffles, chocolate bars and filled confections among other treats. You will learn about caramel, jellies and nut centres all while exploring flavor and texture combinations, apart from the diverse role of sugar in confectionery. All things chocolate and sweet, this is what pastry dreams are made of!

Layered Cakes & Gateaux

What’s a party without cake? This module is often how most people start their baking journey. Learn all about layered cakes with delicious fillings, soft sponges, enviable frostings and sharp finishes. The best part - it’s all egg free! Students will also get an insightful introduction to mass production, the perfect lesson for budding entrepreneurs. So take your pick, from a classic German chocolate cake to a playful berry punch one.

Delicious eggless recipes are built on a foundation of understanding the role that each ingredient plays in a recipe.

International Bread

Ah, there are few things as delicious as fresh, warm bread especially when it’s from all over the world. From Jerusalem bagels to focaccia and classic pita to the famous hot cross buns - this module is probably one of the most handy ones. Master pizza making with a variety of toppings too. Additionally learn how to make dips, fillings and sauces to level up your bread game. This part of the course is truly a window on how ingredients and culture shape one of most staple yet diverse items in our diet.

Enriched Bread

This module explores classic comfort food with a focus on enriched doughs like donuts, berliners, koeksisters and brioche. Learn hand-on techniques for making, shaping, proofing, and frying these decadent creations to perfection. We'll delve into the fascinating role of fats in baking, exploring how different ingredients and techniques impact the final product. By the end, you'll have mastered the skills to bake irresistible breads variations like donuts, babka, cinnabons and brioche.

Desserts on the Go

A treat of a day - quite literally. This module is all about dessert jars and creations that are great for road trips, to pack for a picnic or even to give as party favours. Understand ingredient textures, layering in jars, how to pair fillings and all the aspects that sync to give you the flawless desserts. Students will also learn about storage and shelf life, ensuring that the tiramisu or berry overload jar you made for your friends will stay good for a while.

Tarts & Pies

Enter the world of tarts - both traditional and contemporary. Learn the art of layering flavours and textures, from buttery pastry crusts to decadent fillings. From lining different tart shells to creating stellar presentations this module covers everything to do with these two wholesome bakes. Master essential techniques and flavour combinations. Experiment with traditional favorites like the apple tart and move onto the more modern pecan pie among various desserts.

Petit Gateaux & Entremet

This module explores modern techniques for baking stunning petit gateaux and entremets. Excel at creating egg-free and vegan mousses, sponges and inserts techniques to craft the perfect gateaux. You will delve in detail on the functioning of vegan ingredients and also how various components come together to form the perfect layered entremet. Learn how to develop a menu ideal for cafes or pastry shops. Hone your skills in glazing, spraying, and crafting delicate chocolate garnishes through desserts like tres leches, opera and a tropical petit gateau.

High Tea & Assessment

The grand finale! In this final module, students will showcase your skills and creativity. Work together to plan a menu, bake product variations and craft stunning final presentations. Students will create a workflow and apply what has been learned throughout the course, experimenting with new ideas, flavors and the final look of their creations.
You will plan your own menu based on given criteria and budget, design unique dishes, innovate their plating and flavor profiles - harnessing everything you learned over the last 5 weeks.

The invitees will be all your special guests, friends and families. Treat them to a delicious buffet that shows off your creativity and talent.