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April Showers and Mango Mania

Summers are synonymous with mangoes. The saccharine, sultry smell floods the markets by mid March and now that we’re in the middle of April, everyone seems to be going bananas over mangoes! After all, this aroma officially announces the arrival of two months of vacation, scorching days ahead (hopefully seasoned with summer showers) and of course fond childhood memories.

Think mangoes and you’re probably thinking of the fruit in its various versions from ice creams and cheesecakes to chutneys and pickles. But if you’re up for some experimentation in the kitchen, you should give Lavonne’s Chef Vinesh Johny’s Mango and White Chocolate Mousse recipe a shot. Easily off the charts, this dessert is flavourful and indulgent.


Mango and White Chocolate Mousse

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Egg Yolks                  2

Castor sugar           40 gm

Mango puree         60 gm

Whip cream            150 gm

Gelatin leaf              1

White Chocolate    50gm


Beat sugar and the egg yolk over a double boiler till its temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius, i.e. till ribbon consistency. Beat until cold.

Add the Mango puree and melted white chocolate

Add the melted gelatin leaf and the whipped cream.

Set in the mould and freeze


Tender Coconut Jelly

Tender Coconut Water   220 ml

Sugar                                     40 gm

Gelatin leaf                              1


Warm the tender coconut water and sugar. Add in the soaked gelatin and combine until the entire gelatin is dissolved. Pour into spherical moulds and allow it to set in a freezer.


Coconut Dacquoise

Egg white                         300 gm

Castor sugar                       75 gm

Desiccated coconut         300 gm

Icing sugar                       225 gm


Make a French meringue by beating the egg whites and castor sugar.

Combine together the icing sugar and desiccated coconut. Fold the meringue into this mixture.

Pipe the batter onto a baking tray and bake at 220 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes

Set this as the base to the mango mousse


Coloured Glaze

Sugar                    150 gm

Water                  150 ml

Corn Starch            9 gm

Cream                  120 gm

Gelatin                    5 gm

Liquid gel colour  1 drop


Cook sugar to 118 degree Celsius and add water. Mix in the diluted corn starch and cook for 45 seconds on high heat. Add the cream and gelatin. Allow it to cool over an ice bath stirring constantly; add the preferred colour and it is now ready to glaze your creations

blog recipe2

Final Assembly

De-mould the mango white chocolate mousse.

Pour the glaze and allow it to coat evenly.

Use toasted coconut flakes to finish the edges of the mould as shown in the picture

Place the jelly on top of the mousse and decorate with a chocolate stick