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Customising Cakes

At Lavonne, we make cakes for different occasions, and our custom cake specialist, Chef Joonie Tan, creates multiple creative and unique cakes that span a variety of themes.

Custom cakes have become an extremely popular trend today, and for us the great part about this is the level of involvement with the customer and the cake artist. It’s all about getting to know what the customer wants, and our Chef Joonie makes sure they get exactly that. With her own unique touch added to it, of course.

This section features her pick of the month, the cake she had most fun working on and she takes you through the technicalities and the process behind the cake making.
For the month of June, it’s her Geometric theme inspired wedding cake.

Why did you choose this cake?
Chef Joonie: There are two reasons for featuring this cake. This was our first ever out of station order, we had to take it to Mysore and set it up there. So that automatically made it special.
Also, the wedding planner who was planning this particular wedding has been a long-standing patron of Lavonne. We wanted to express our gratitude for all the support shown by taking up this out-of-station order.
Plus, we’d never done this before, so it was a good challenge.


What was the thought process?
Chef Joonie: This was a combination of my idea and the customer’s idea. They were absolutely sure that the cake should be in line with the wedding theme colours, and that there should be a specific kind of wedding topper.
The bride is a national level marathon runner and she wanted a topper that showed the bride running towards the finishing line, with the bridegroom waiting for her on the other side.


I wanted to try out the new Geometric Style trend as well, so the resulting design, after discussions was the theme of the cake and topper be specific to what the customer had requested, and I had freedom to go ahead with the geometric approach.

Tell us a little about the technical side of things.
Chef Joonie: The pattern I’ve used here is the Geometric Style and it is the latest trend in cake decoration. Since the cake colours had to match the wedding theme, which were a strong maroon and peach, I used contrasting navy blue and gold in for the geometric pattern.
The behind this was to make the cake stand out with stark contrasts.
And added feature was the middle tier, which was created using a double barrel technique, to give the cake some extra height. This effect make the entire cake look taller and more grand.


How was the experience, since this was the first out-of-town order?
Chef Joonie: Any out-of-town order is challenging. We have to take a lot of logistics into account- transporting the cake, setting it up, travel time, etc. This particular wedding was in Mysore, so the journey was quite long.
We were very careful with getting the cake to the venue on time, and actually ended up reaching earlier than requested.

Watch this space for more from Chef Joonie about the process of customisation.