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Demystifying the Easter egg

Easter is just a few hours away and this means celebration for Christians around the world. The festival is synonymous with renewed hope, thanksgiving, celebration and feasting, among a whole lot of other amazing beliefs, customs, and sentiments. This is also that time of the year when the whiff of mouthwatering treats from the kitchen or from the neighbourhood bakery comes wafting through the air.  But have you ever wondered what the connection was between Easter eggs and the risen Christ?


Easily the most popular symbol associated with the festival, the history of the Easter egg dates back hundreds of years and this treat is known to stand for fruitfulness or fertility. That apart, the Easter egg was also used to commemorate the coming of spring.

Food history also suggests that an Easter egg represents the empty tomb of Christ. While the egg appears to be like the rock that seals a tomb, it is a fact that the bird hatches from an egg. Correspondingly, the Easter egg serves as a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave, and that those who believe in Him will receive eternal life.


Reading this, you’re probably imagining an enormous, almost inedible egg, made of hardened sugar, with an edible gem filling that came with it, when we were younger. Easter eggs are known to have got their chocolaty makeover only in the 19th century, and were produced mostly in France and Germany. It was only when Cadbury began mass producing them with pure cocoa that chocolate Easter eggs took the world by storm, its popularity spreading to our land a little later, of course.

Today, Easter eggs come in a variety of flavours and sizes and are considered gourmet offerings depending on their fillings.


So if someone asks you what the egg has to do with Easter, we’re hoping you have the right answer. Ultimately, despite the origin of the Easter egg or the other treats that will be a part of our festive indulgence, it’s quite cool how food has an extraordinary way of reminding us about the significance of days like this!

Happy Easter!

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