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Everything about Entremets

Lavonne’s Patisserie has become synonymous with customised cakes—whether it’s a birthday or a bachelorette, a wedding or an anniversary, we make cakes for all occasions.

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But another product that has slowly but surely reached the top of the list and has earned the title of being one of our most popular products, is the entremet. While not on our regular patisserie menu, we make entremets on special request.

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Entremets are basically a form of dessert torte, and usually comprise of layers of spongecake, mouse and other different fillings. They’re extremely versatile, and this is what we love most about working with them. The possibilities are endless.

In case you’re still a little confused about the difference between entremets and regular cakes, here’s a small diagram that might help you understand a little better.

entremet 123

While the customised cakes we make are usually theme based, the entremets are more flavour focused, and this is where a major part of their versatility manifests. We incorporate a variety of flavours in our entremets, and the results are delightfully exotic.

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When we say exotic, we mean a whole range of fruity favours, coupled with classic flavours like chocolate. We use only couverture chocolate for our entremets, and that’s why their flavour and quality are of the highest standards.

With entremets, our customers are more willing to experiment, and a large number of them opt for interesting combinations and exotic flavours. But the experimenting doesn’t stop there.

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Because the entremets are not bound by any theme in particular, it gives us a certain level of artistic freedom. So we’re able to play around with the appearance of the entremets, and try a lot of innovative decorative approaches.

Having said that however, we like to keep it understated and classic, and our decorations and embellishments, while dramatic, lean towards a more modern, minimalistic style.

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The reason we receive so much demand for our entremets is purely because they’re the quintessential dessert-for-all-occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, a high-tea, or just a regular celebration, entremets are a perfect choice to end your celebrations on a sweet note.