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Weekend & SugarArt Classes

How many students do you accommodate per batch?

Each weekend class accommodates up to a maximum of twelve students. Please note that confirmation of your seat is based on full fee payment only.

Should I have prior knowledge or make any preparations before attending the weekend classes?

Since our weekend classes are conducted from the basic level onwards, you are not required to have prior knowledge or skills in the same.

If I miss any of the Weekend Classes, am I allowed to join the next class?

The classes are designed and systematically planned to allow a certain number of participants only. Therefore, we regret to inform you that this is not possible. Please make necessary arrangements to be present for the said class as per the schedule.

Does the cake decoration involve eggs or gelatine?

For the fondant itself which is used for the cake decoration, there is no use of egg or gelatine. However, please note that under the ‘Basics in Cake Decoration’, the base cake used is not an eggless cake.

What is the registration process for Sugar Art classes?

Confirmation of your seat for any of the Sugar Art class is based only on full fee payment. To make sure you get a seat before a class fills up, contact our office as soon as possible.