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Introducing… ‘Into the Safari’

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you would have noticed that we’ve introduced a brand new class with a giraffe that, believe it or not, is really more than just a mascot! ‘Into the Safari’ is our latest structural cake class. FYI, the entire structure is edible!


This is an advanced professional class, thus, we require students to already possess an advanced skill level in cake decoration. There are a lot of techniques that will be covered in the class, including working with modelling chocolate and covering an uneven surface cake with fondant, which is the biggest challenge of all!


For the benefit of those who are new to the trend, this exclusive cake structure sits internally in your cake and allows you to build the custom tiers and shapes you want using a series of plastic rods and platforms.


In a profession like mine, one needs to keep abreast of the changing times and trends in the world of cake decoration, and structured cakes are the way ahead. I’ve personally experimented with quite a few designs in the recent past. From the ‘Wine and Cheese’ cake and the humongous Mini Mouse structured cake to the customised baker themed cake, the eye candy, Sweet Cake O’ Mine, and a handsome zebra, I’ve come a long way and am now looking forward to working on realistic animal cakes like the giraffe.


If you’re wondering about the difficulty level involved in the making of this cake, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest, I’d have to give this an 8!


For those of you who aren’t sure how structural cakes are trending around the globe, you would be happy to know that they’re already a huge hit abroad. Only of late, however, we’re beginning to see it gain popularity in the local market and I’m sure after the first edition of our ‘Into the Safari’ course, the trend will kick off big time here as well.


On that note, I invite you to join me from July 1-3, 2015, for this exquisite cake decoration course. For details, I can be reached on 9740544442/3. You could also email me with your queries at lavonnehospitality@gmail.com

*This post has been guest authored by Joonie Tan, pastry artist and cake decorator, Lavonne.