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Meet the Students

The core of Lavonne is the Academy and we’re extremely proud of all our students. Every year, we send out batch after batch of enthusiastic new bakers, all set to revolutionise the world of baking. But apart from the Academy, we also have Specialised Weekend Classes and they’re just as much fun.

Meet Chenddyna Schae, owner of Jus’Trufs and one of the stars of our weekend classes.

cs with brownie

How did you end up taking the weekend classes?
Well, I heard about this through Facebook. I looked up their website and liked the concept of weekend classes where you can choose which course you want to take up. I’ve been in the field of confectionery and chocolate for the last 30 years, and have been training as a chocolatier the whole time, but I thought this would be a good way to brush up my pastry skills.


What aspect of the course did you particularly enjoy?
The entire weekend class was quite fun. So I’d say I enjoyed the whole experience. I also took another Advanced Tarts class, and that was very interesting too.

Lavonne_weekend classes

Tell us a little about Jus’ Trufs.
I’ve always had a passion for chocolate. I’ve never been too fond of baking but chocolate has always interested me. Jus’Trufs started out from my house, all the way back in 2001, and then it just took off. We rented a place about 8-9 years ago, following which we ended up building our own space in Jakkur. It’s been a good journey.

At lavonne

Have the weekend classes helped you in your current work environment?
Yes it has. I have incorporated new recipes I learnt there at my café. And these recipes are great because they’re very reliable and always work. I try to practice more of what I have learnt whenever I get some free time.


So, how would you describe your overall experience at the weekend course?
I would say that the classes were very well done and very skilled. It’s the right kind of class for the level the students taking it are at, and they have a lot more extremely skilled courses too. They deliver what they promise, and I think everyone else who took the class with me loved it as well.