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The Classics at Lavonne

We’ve got a Pastry shop tucked away at Lavonne, and it’s a place where our students and staff get to showcase new and exciting versions of different products. It’s kind of like an insight into all the work and innovation that goes on in our kitchen and classes.

There’s something new being made almost every day, but over the years some of our products shot up in terms of succulent success right from the day they were introduced, and have retained their popularity pedestals ever since.

One such classic, which has developed a rather dedicated fan following, is the Black Forest Cheesecake. Our cheesecake is a Philadelphia style cheesecake, and has an Oreo base, topped with a rich Chocolate Bavaroise centred with a dark Cherry compote. So you get the much loved familiar taste of the Philly cheesecake but with the twist of our additions. The best of both worlds, it truly is a Lavonne classic.


Next up, another dreamy dessert, is the Signature Chocolate Cake. This cake isn’t just a popular dessert option—it is also the most sought after flavour for our wedding cakes. It’s made up of dark, moist, satin textured dark chocolate with layers of smooth chocolate ganache.
We always knew a chocolate based dessert would make for an easy favourite, and our Signature cake was no exception.
But the Pastry Shop has a lot more going on than just desserts. The other hugely popular products are the breads. We serve a whole variety of these, from brioches to focaccia, and we have some popular ones this side of the shop too. First up, the Croissants.
Our croissants are the French style butter ones, and we pay a lot of attention to getting the balance of butter and air in the croissant just right. You’ll find that ours have the classic French flakiness, which comes from a painstakingly executed laminating process. Our croissant is best enjoyed with a steaming cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate even—whichever you prefer.
Second in the bodacious breads category are the Baguettes. We’ve got a dedicated set of bakers whose expertise goes into making every single one of the multiple baguettes we produce every single day. Fresh and porous on the inside, and hard and crunchy on the outside—that’s the way we like our baguettes to be.
And the whole time we’re making breads, we’re also keeping up with the raging trend of fitness and healthy eating that has taken over Bangalore. That’s why we’ve ensured that we have enough variety for our health conscious customers as well, by introducing a series of multi-grain breads and baguettes.
The goodness of fresh bread combined with the nutrition of multi-grain—did someone say ideal?
These are just a few of our popular products. We’re always innovating and trying out new things for the Pastry Shop. So come by, take your pick from the varieties we have to offer, and just unwind.