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The Lavonne Legionaries

Meet our staff, or as we refer to them- The Lavonne Legionaries.

That’s because they’re all mini-soldiers in their own right. Whether it’s getting every last order out, to making sure that things are always functioning smoothly, our entire staff works tirelessly to ensure that our customers are provided with only the best.

Our staff is about twenty strong. From an operational perspective, they’re divided into the following departments- the Academy, the Pastry shop, the Front Desk and the Operations team.

The leading lady at Lavonne, is our in-house International Cake Artist Joonie Tan, who is the creative genius behind all our customised cakes. Joonie is an expert in fondant, and keeps the customised cake department bustling, with orders pouring in all day long. When she’s not busy making cakes, she’s also taking specialised classes.

joonie photo

The faculty at our Academy comprises of five hand-picked chefs mentored by Chef Avin Thaliath, and all of them have a very strong industrial and educational backing. The hallmark of these chefs is that every single one of them, along with being great with baking in general, is a master of a specific skill, ranging from chocolate to fondant. This focused expertise of theirs adds different layers of value to our course.

Handling the Pastry shop side of things is our team of six chefs, headed by Chef Vinesh. Each member of this team is handpicked by the Chef on the basis of their passion to learn. While they might pick up specialised skills working at Lavonne, this entire unit stands apart for being the most enthusiastic learners you could possibly find. This enthusiasm of theirs is reflected in the creative products you see displayed in our patisserie.


At the front of the house, taking care of the smooth functioning of the pastry shop and supplies store, are three baristas and one store manager, who make sure that the customers get what they want, just the way they want it. They handle all orders and enquiries, and are the most recognised faces at Lavonne.


Last, and most definitely not the least, is the Operations staff, the backbone of Lavonne. This team, headed by Lijo Chandy, handles everything from Accounts and Academy enquiries, to stock taking and maintenance. They ensure that everyone is on the same page, and are the ones responsible for how great everything looks, feels and functions at Lavonne.


Each of our departments, while being purposeful units by themselves, works together seamlessly, making sure that we’re up and running every single day, getting bigger, and better at what we do.