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The Lavonne Story

Our story is a classic example for the saying- “good things come to those who wait.” And to those who work really hard for it.

The story of how it all started for us has the makings of a motivational blockbuster. And in true-blue movie style, it starts with a young college kid with big dreams.

A young Hotel Management student called Vinesh Johny, to be specific. Passionate about everything to do with a patisserie, through the course of his studies,  Vinesh felt the sore need for a Baking School of international standards in India.


Fuelled by his passion to learn, and the desire to deliver the highest standard of baking in the country, he decided to start a Baking Academy of his own. But he knew that he lacked the experience crucial to make an idea like this take flight.

Cue the wise, learned mentor that every dreamer needs to guide him through his journey.
In Lavonne’s case, that would be Chef Avin, who with his numerous years of experience and vast academic knowledge of the field, was the perfect person to support Chef Vinesh with this venture.IMG_4108
Having seen a variety of Academies around the world, and having worked with International bodies to develop curriculum, Chef Avin immediately saw the need for and the value of an institution like this.

They had the passion, and the required strong academic backing. The plot was perfect. Except it was missing the one key person with the ability to swing the plot singlehandedly. Someone who could oversee all managerial activities and make sure things functioned as planned.

IMG_4109They found that someone in Lijo Chandy, Chef Vinesh’s classmate and close friend. While Lijo was already well established with his proficient culinary skills, he was even better known for his people skills, making him the perfect person to oversee operations.

And so, the dream team was born.
Once the three of them had decided to make Lavonne a reality, they began looking for places they could set up at and found one such space in Indiranagar.
Perfect place, ideal location- it was too good to be true!

They began restoring and working on the interiors. With a lot of investment, effort and time, the place was shaping up to look great and everyone was hopeful.

But as with any blockbuster storyline, there had to be a villainous twist in the plot.


Less than an month from opening day, our founders received a rather serious sounding call from their landlord.

On meeting, the landlord informed them that there was a change in plans, and that they would only be able to use the place for a limited time, after which the landlord would reclaim and demolish it for personal use.

It was a defining moment. Dejected and demoralised, our young heroes questioned their choices. They’d put everything they had into this dream, and it was falling apart in front of them.
But this wouldn’t be a story worthy of celluloid status if it stopped there.

The team, in true heroic style, picked themselves up and made another brave attempt at turning their dream into a reality.
They moved out of the space they had almost completed set-up at, returned equipment to distributors and began searching for alternatives. It took them months of hunting, calling, meeting and researching, but they never gave up their quest.

Couple of months into the hunt, they found what they were looking for. The perfect space, owned by people who were involved in the culinary field themselves and who understood the nuances of the business, making it the best possible situation. Our founders got what they were looking for, and they haven’t looked back since. Yes, happy endings do exist!

So if you happen to pass by a quaint little place called Lavonne sometime , walk in, order something and savour the atmosphere around.
It’s testimony to the fact that dreams do come true.