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The November Snapshot

It’s December already! We can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by, and indeed how quickly November went by.

It was a busy month, chock-a-block with classes, and with many wedding cake orders. With this being the wedding season and all, we have a feeling it’s only going to get busier next month. But first, a look back at some of the highlights of November.


Chef Vinesh conducted a one-on-one class with Seerat, who had flown down all the way from Delhi to learn how to create a variety of cakes and desserts. Seerat was a prolific student, and ended up learning how to make some of the top french desserts in the market today.


Moving on from individual to group classes, the weekend classes were busy as ever, with batch after batch of enthusiastic learners coming in to learn how their favourite products are created.

Speaking of creating things, how many of you ended up trying the simple and elegant bread recipe Chef Vinesh shared earlier in the month? If you haven’t already, check out the article and send us photos of your bread making escapades.


Closing this month on a rather sweet note is the story behind this gorgeous birthday cake Chef Joonie created for one of her favourite couples, Fahim and Sumreen. It involved a little white lie, some beautiful pink and gold textures, and experimenting with new techniques. If it’s Chef Joonie’s pick of the month, you know it’s going to have a good backstory.


November was an extremely fulfilling month, and gave us just the right amount of time we needed to get ready for December.


We’re super excited about this month, and cannot wait to share all the exciting Christmas related surprises we have planned for you. Watch this space for more!