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The Patisserie

Our Patisserie or simply, pastry shop, is a precious little part of Lavonne. Comprising of a cafe, a supply store and a custom cake department, most of the activity we witness takes place here.


This is essentially a space where our chefs get to express their creativity and showcase their innovative approaches towards baking, in the form of dreamy desserts and succulent savoury products. While the shop creates a stimulating and challenging environment for our chefs to out-do themselves, in the process, it provides an assortment of unique products for our customers. Win-win!

Our pastry shop is stocked with a variety of unique desserts, along with a bunch of classics. The preparation of each dessert is carefully thought out and meticulously executed, right down to presentation.

Lavonne_Patisserie5 Lavonne_Patisserie2

We follow the French style of pastry making at Lavonne, so you’ll never see us making products in bulk. What we don’t do in numbers, we make up for in variety. Expect a range of macarons, crepe cakes, tarts, pies, breads and assorted entremets. And that’s just naming a few.

Lavonne_Patisserie4 Lavonne_patisserie

There’s also a good mix of savoury products like rolls, puffs, pies and sandwiches, along with a generous number of beverages to choose from.
For us, it’s all about striking that perfect balance between sweet and savoury in what we offer, so that customers with different tastes all find something to their liking.

Part of the services we offer at the pastry shop are our customised cakes. And we make them for all occasions- birthdays, bachelorettes, weddings and anniversaries. You name it, and our Cake Artist Joonie Tan can make it.

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Completing the pastry shop, is our little supply store, which is an initiative on our part to provide budding bakers with all the equipment and ingredients they might need to get them started in their journey of baking.

Our Patisserie is meant to be a quaint little space you can unwind at, and we keep it cozy, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy some good conversation over some good food here.