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The Spooky Snapshot

A new month has begun! And that heralds our periodic round-up of the previous month’s highlights. We’re warning you though! With October being the month of Halloween, you might just be in for a scare.

But we’ll get to that soon enough. The big highlight of October was the bake sale organised by our Diplomê in Patissérie students, the Bake Some Noise Bake Bazar.


The Bake Sale had a great turnout, with all our patrons, and many new customers, showing up to see what our students had put together.


But the huge turn out was only one part of what made this event so special. All the proceeds from the event were used to support Sparky Football, an organisation that promotes sporting skill amongst underprivileged children. We couldn’t be more proud of our students!


Motivated by the creativity that came with the Bake Sale, we were inspired to put out a new dessert. Read all about this many-layered delicacy in our Product of the Month article.


The snapshot of the month wouldn’t be complete without one of Chef Vinesh’s hugely popular recipes. Keeping with the drop in temperature that came with this month, the Chocolate Soufflé became the perfect excuse to warm yourself up.


And because the month started with a hugely successful event, it’s only fitting that it end with something similar. The Annual IHeartIndiranagar Halloween trail proved to be the perfect excuse!


We had cute little costumed kids make their way to Lavonne, where our students went all out by putting together seventy treat boxes for the kids, and got into the spirit of the event by wearing some ‘Kickass’ costumes too!


Another productive month, leaving us with new ideas and events to look forward to. A big shout out to our students, who weren’t just superheroes on Halloween, but were pretty much that way the whole month.
We can’t wait to share all the exciting things November has in store with you!