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The Supplies Store

You’ve read all about our pâtisserie and the Academy. We’ve spoken a lot about the activities that go on there. But tucked away on the side, nestling itself comfortably between these two, is our Supplies Store.
This little section is equipped with everything you need to excel in baking, and then some.

When Lavonne was set up, apart from providing a world-class educational experience, another goal of ours was to make high quality ingredients and equipment easily accessible for those looking for it.

It is hard to source top-end baking equipment in the country, and we wanted to be the first place anyone thought of, when they needed to stock up on some good quality equipment and ingredients.

At our Academy with our students, and our pastry shop with our products, we constantly stress on the fact that there is no substitute for good quality products. And we wanted you to be able to experience the difference in using good quality equipment and ingredients over the more easily available average options in the market.

But knowing how hard it is to acquire these products, we wanted to make the experience a convenient and comfortable one for our patrons.

That’s why our store is stocked with everything you need—couverture chocolate, cupcake liners, unique fondant and chocolate moulds, edible chocolate colour, patterned rolling pins, piping bags, cupcake stands, silpats, and pretty much everything else in between.

You name it, and we’ve got it. We’re constantly trying to stock our store with as many products as possible, so that you have all the variety you could possibly want to choose from.

A big part of our quest to make the Indian baking scenario recognised internationally is providing easy access to these products. The more accessible top quality products are, the higher the collective standard of baking will be.

We deeply believe this, and  our Supplies Store is the one-stop shop that is making this a reality. Come by and have a look. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.