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Who wants cake? I Do!

It’s May already and we’re bang in the middle of the wedding season again. If you aren’t getting married yourself, you’re probably attending a shaadi or helping a friend/family member plan theirs. And while one would think that the couple’s designer ensembles, the exotic venue, or the lavish spread at the reception, steal the limelight, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that today’s wedding cake has raised the stakes!

Gone are the days of cream smattered eyesores and of three-tier dummy cakes with plastic toppers. If the experts are to be believed, 2015 is touted to be the best year yet for wedding cakes.


For those who are still a page behind on the biggest and best wedding cake trends of the season, our in-house pastry artist and wedding cake specialist, Chef Joonie Tan fills us in on 4 of her favourite.

1. Royal Icing


Old is gold! And that’s pretty much why royal icing wedding cakes are making an elegant comeback. If you’re looking for a cake with delicate patterns, the royal icing wedding cake is for you. Intricately designed edible lace work and vintage styling trends are a hit, especially at white weddings. And if you’re worried that it’s too rustic for your taste, cake artists are capturing the essence of the classic wedding cake but are representing it in a contemporary manner, and the internet is raging with ideas you can choose from.

2. Geometric Patterns


Geometric motifs have been around for a while now and have been seen on clothes and accessories. Now, you will be seeing more of these gorgeous designs on wedding cakes. Chevron prints have basked in wedding cake glory for some time now but you could opt for other figures like circles, squares, or even colourful rhombuses and hexagons. You could mix and match these with a classic white cake. The end result is a classy, modern wedding cake that is bound to be the talk of the town!

3. Hand Painting


Truth be told, hand painted wedding cakes are not completely new to the scene but an increasing number of couples are take to the trend of late perhaps because this is one of the most beautiful ways to personalise a wedding cake. And if you’re thinking of floral designs, cake artists around the world are dabbling with ideas ranging from caricature paintings, graphics, scripted prints, and the list goes on!

4. Sugar Flower Bouquets


In a time and age where we’re more inclined towards modern designs on just about anything, hand crafted sugar flowers have not lost their charm when it comes to wedding cakes. They’re the perfect accessory for a cake, especially if you want it to exude simplicity yet classiness simultaneously. And the best part is you have so many varieties of flowers to choose from. Whether it is roses, calla lilies orchids, peonies or petunias, bouquets on cakes will be a hit for the upcoming wedding season.



Image Courtesy: Vinism Sugarart, Joonie Tan