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Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Core modules for theory, baking, decoration and management.

Lavonne’s Diplôme de Pâtisserie is a course focussed as much on making incredible products as it is the entrepreneurial skills of running a shop or cafe. Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming an essential skill in the food industry, with many of our alumni having started their own successful businesses after gaining the experience and confidence from their teachers and mentors at Lavonne.

The 5-month course covers topics like hygiene and fire safety, goes through the theory of ingredients and baking science, and gives students direct experience running a cafe including inventory, budgeting and even putting up a special event bake sale for charity. To give our students a well-rounded education the course also involves off-campus trips for students to engage with specialists in the baking and pastry industry.

Menu Planning

Planning a menu is both a science and an art. In the process of learning how to make the best of savoury and saccharine edible offerings, our Diploma students will also be taught how to identify customer demands, assess their own expertise so they find their niche, incorporate local/seasonal produce, conduct recipe trials before putting together a final menu, and then create a menu that is workable and that would satisfy the palate of one’s clientele.

Hygiene & Food Safety

One of the key concepts that also includes practical learning at our facility, delves into the nitty gritties of essential processes, practices, and habits behind safe and healthy food preparation, critical for both chefs and customers.

Entrepreneurship takes a front seat in the Diploma Course, with students gaining experience in how to start, promote, and maintain a property in the food industry.

Budgeting & Costing

In this module, students will be introduced to the basic concepts and principles of kitchen maintenance, budgeting and food costing. Keeping in mind that many of our students go on to become entrepreneurs, we teach them how to develop their own business plan that would be viable and sustainable in the long run.

Recipe & Store Management

From learning to craft recipes to conducting recipe trials and finally arriving at a decision with regard to menu planning, this module ensures students learn the fundamentals of store management flow as well.

Entrepreneurship & Feasibility

At Lavonne, we focus on training our students to take on the baking/patisserie industry head on, by imparting theoretical and practical lessons on how to work in luxury pastry kitchens and to even start ventures of their own. This module would cover the theory and practice of how to set up a commercial bakery, rules and regulations involved, licensing, kitchen layout, and waste management, among other topics.

International & Artisan Breads

Apart from just discovering the basics of artisan breads from across the world, through this module, students will learn about the different yeasts, their reaction with the environment and liquids and growth channels in the formation of bread. Classes will deal with the characteristics and functions of flour, the effects of various types of flour, their origin, flavour, and texture, and the structures of well-known breads.

Enriched Breads & Viennoiseries

This particular module deals with skills and techniques required for the production and presentation of rich butter dough, sweet dough, laminated dough, and yeast dough. Crafting classic viennoiseries is bound to be a cake walk after this!

Tea Cakes, Sponges and Cookies

Easily among the most fun modules to study, this one covers various kinds of tea cakes, sponges, and cookies, common errors while making these simple delights, and interesting techniques that come with making baked and set puddings.

Pies & Tarts

Learning to make classic and modern sweet and savoury tarts and pies form the basis of this module. From making perfect crusts to choosing delicious and interesting fillings, these classes are fun yet filled with tons of learning.

Cakes & Icings

One of the most essential foundation modules, students will learn about the different types of sponges and the role that each ingredient plays in baking a cake. Covering a host of basic, tried-and-tested recipes, students will also be taught to perfect the art of creating various types of icings such as buttercream, royal icing, glazes, ganache, etc.

Custards, Creams & Sauces

From basic custards like crème anglaise and crème patisserie, this module will see our students learn about making different types of creams like Bavarian cream, chiboust cream, and crème Chantilly. Common yet indispensable sauces like chocolate, caramel, fruit sauces, etc., will also be a part of the training module.

Classical French Desserts & Pastries

Classical French desserts and pastries are as relevant today as they were in the past. Our Diploma students will be engaged in learning about the fundamentals of taste, flavour, composition, and other factors that influence one’s senses while recreating the classics.

Lavonne prides itself on balancing practical hands-on training, with in-depth theory, so students understand why, rather than just how.

Entremets & Petit Gateaux

Honing one’s cake making skills is essentially what happens through the course of this module. Students are taught to fine-tune the art of creating drool-worthy dreamily sculpted and glazed entremets and bite-sized gateau.

Petit Four & Confectionery

This module involves learning of the world renowned classics that have enticed varied palates. Classes on making these bite-sized masterpieces present a platform for acquiring French kitchen terms and techniques.

Macaron & Meringues

They are the essence of luxury and are a favourite at Parisian teahouses. During the course of this module, students will be taught to make these light and airy French and Italian confections with us.

Bonbons, Chocolates & Pralines

This module is one of the most engaging ones as it calls for using one’s scientific learning and artistic skills. Students will learn to create visually stimulating, pleasing pralines, and delectable bonbons. We also focus on teaching classic and modern finishing techniques, creating interesting flavour profiles, etc.

Frozen Desserts & Ice-creams

Ice creams and frozen desserts are not restricted by season, flavour, texture, or presentation! This module focuses on teaching students to churn up different varieties of ice creams, sorbets, parfaits, and bombe.

Restaurant Style Plated Desserts

In this time and age of social media, Instagram worthy pictures are everything! From learning to plate desserts in restaurant style so as to accentuate one’s plating skills, students will be given a canvas to showcase their creativity and precision.

Chocolate Display

This module deals with the principles of designing a chocolate structure, colour, flow of display, and proportions. Students will be taught the use of chocolate, their tempering in a professional setting and their medium, which is an essential requirement to any pastry professional. Here’s where one’s creativity is put to the test!

Wedding Cake & Fondant Design

From cake making and layering procedures to creating intricate structures that incorporate the latest trends in the world of wedding cakes designs, be it hand painting, 3D modelling, wafer paper flowers, drip effect, etc., these classes that will deal with the usage of various mediums such as pastillage, gum paste, fondant and royal icing, are handled by our in-house and nationally renowned cake decoration expert.

Buffet Planning & Set-up

Given that dessert tables are a fad now, buffet planning is an essential skill that must be learnt. From deciding on the perfect menu to suit the occasion and organising the buffet counter to ensuring that there is a seamless arrangement of one’s offerings, students vying to work in luxury pastry kitchens are sure to benefit from this module a great deal.

Student Bake Sale

Every batch of our Diploma program gets to ideate, plan, prepare, and promote a charity bake sale that is open to the public. From picking a theme, planning the menu, working within a fixed budget, production, planning the layout, and crafting the décor to choosing the charity to support, marketing the event, selling products, and interacting with the customers, students are evaluated based on their contribution to tasks assigned to them.

Practice School

At the Lavonne Practice School, where the nuances of entrepreneurship are practiced and not taught to our Diploma students. By means of creating a vestibule training lab to create and practice entrepreneurship, students get to be a part of the production and service teams under the guidance of a supervising chef. At our Practice School, students master the intricacies of menu planning, bulk production, quality control, kitchen hygiene and safety measures, among other relevant areas that pertain to production and service.

Student Café

The Lavonne Student Café is the first-of-its-kind student-run set-up in the country. Managed entirely by those enrolled for our Diploma program, the aim of this appendage to our already intricate syllabus, is that our students leave the portals of Lavonne, fully equipped to take on the world of entrepreneurship in the fields of bakery and confectionery, not just acquiring skills in the kitchen and the classroom but also with a complete understanding of the business aspect of running an establishment of a similar nature.
Students, through daily practice, under a supervising chef, delve into areas such as planning inventory in real time, actual storage, bulk production on a daily basis as opposed to production in a mere classroom setting, interaction with customers, among other business related aspects of running a café.

Holistic Wellness

At Lavonne Baking Academy, we prioritise a holistic approach to culinary education with our module on mental well-being. Just as we hone your baking skills, we understand mental health is crucial on your journey to becoming a fulfilled master baker. In this course, you'll learn important techniques to manage stress, build resilience, and maintain a healthy work-life balance, crucial in the demanding culinary industry. Our curriculum covers stress management, coping strategies, work-life balance, mindfulness, effective communication, and emotional intelligence. We believe that nurturing both your culinary talent and mental well-being is vital for success. This module is designed to ensure you thrive in the culinary world.